Continuous Controls Monitoring

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Increase Business Performance

Democratize Risk Management. Let your SMEs focus on Value-Added Tasks

Reduce Enterprise Risk Management Costs

Pay-As-You-Go SaaS model. Reduce Controls Execution Costs by at least 30%

Execute and Report Realtime

Automate Control Execution. Get KRIs/KPIs On Demand

Transform Enterprise Risk Management

Integrate Continuous Controls Monitoring into your CI/CD pipeline. Assess Risks Daily/Weekly

SaaS Platform for Automating Risk Controls


Dynamic Enterprise Application Scope

ContiNube allows you to execute, manage and monitor your Risk Controls in the context of a Dynamic Application Scope based on geographies (EMEA, US), business segments (Finance, SCM, HRMS), and more. With few clicks you can now execute your controls agnostic of your SaaS, Paas, IaaS, VM and Infrastructure platforms


Expedite Risk Controls Development Lifecycle

ContiNube platform enables your organization to democratize developing your Organization's Risk Controls. Let your SMEs focus on specifying the requirements, manage for outcomes. We will do the rest.


Key Risk Indicators to Key Performance Indicators in 4 Simple Steps

You can visualize your Risk Control Outputs and Trends in 4 simple steps. Radically change your Controls Management and Costs.


Use Cases

Enabling Agile Enterprise Risk Management. Moving @ the speed of DevOps.

Evaluate your Organization's IT Maturity based on Industry Standards such as FedRamp, NIST, SANS CIS realtime.
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Continuous Risk Assessment
Threats don't happen Monthly/Yearly. Why should your Risk Management be? Integrate Risk into your CI/CD Pipeline.
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Controls Lifecycle Management
Democratize Risk Controls Design, Development, Execution and Monitoring. Enable your SMEs to collaborate easily and effectively.
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Enterprise Risk Trends & Analysis
Manage your KRIs through Intuitive, Easy-to-use Dashboards. Perform Drill-Down and Trending for effective Analysis and Remediation.
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Central Risk Repository
Manage Automated and Manual Inputs, Sampling, Evidences, Interim and Final Outputs in one central location.
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Experimentation and Verification
Sandbox Risk Remediation and Verification. Perform "What if" and Predictive Analysis on Controls Data.
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Having and managing a correct marketing strategy is crucial in a fast moving market.

Increase (IT) productivity

Let them focus on High Value work. Cut IT overhead.

Free up Management Time

Simplified IT Maturity Index based on Industry Standards.

Reduce (IT) Risk Management Cost

Upgrading/Implementing new standards is a whole lot easier.

Democratize Risk Management

Simplified workflow to deal with Controls Lifecycle.

Keep your Company Safer

Automatically executing on the intent of the control.

Continuous Risk Management

CI/CD + CR. No more silos. Integrated approach with Digitization.

Better Organizational Alignment

Teams can collaborate better, faster towards improved risk outcomes.

Increased Confidence

Simple, easy-to-access runtime information for future Risk Analytics.

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